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Reach Your Full Potential With P-Shot

Aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery provide various life-changing enhancements so that every person can live their best life, full of confidence and with minimal recovery. Under Dr. Tsay at Ageless MD, we provide a variety of options for aesthetic improvements based on the requests and needs of our valued patients. Dr. Tsay has made it his life’s work to bring minimally invasive treatments to his clinic that reflect his experience with the most common (and sometimes uncommon) cosmetic surgery procedures that he learned about through his time spent in Hollywood, medical school, and dedicated patient care.

As important as aesthetic treatments are to Dr. Tsay, he understands that a man’s sexual performance is a top concern in their lives. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a condition that plagues many of our male patients, causing them to shy away from sex, and even causes them to be too embarrassed to research solutions. The P-Shot is a quick fix injectable therapy that offers a pain-free preventative treatment for erectile dysfunction. We know that an injection into this delicate area can seem intimidating, but Dr. Tsay has found a painless technique.

Benefits of the P-Shot:

  • Increases blood flow
  • Promotes tissue repair
  • Improves sexual performance
  • Stimulates arousal and sensitivity
  • Increases penis size

What is the P-Shot?

If you’ve ever heard of platelet-rich plasma injections (PRP) used in facial rejuvenation treatments, the P-Shot is derived from the same idea – to promote active tissue regeneration using the body’s own natural serum. This all-natural serum is acquired by taking a vial of your blood, and spinning it through a centrifuge machine to extract platelet-rich plasma (PRP), that we inject painlessly into the tissue of the penis.

What happens to the penis with Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

To understand why these PRP injections with P-Shot are effective, we must first learn what happens to this tissue in the first place—why men experience erectile dysfunction. Age can change many things in the body, causing systems functions to slow, cells to stop using vital nutrients, and decreases in blood flow. Many men experience reduced blood flow in the penis based on genetics, slower circulation, and aging. By invigorating the cells in penis tissues to regenerate fresh blood flow, we can revive these tissues, making them more responsive to stimulation and tissue renewal.

Pills like Viagra are a temporary solution that only last a couple of hours, and require you to take one before each sexual interaction. For most men, a pill isn’t the fastest or most convenient way to prepare yourself for liftoff. The P-Shot eliminates the need for a pill, and the results of the injection last for up to 18 months. Most men will see an immediate improvement in the tissue and responsiveness in their penis, but after two to four weeks it’s game time with P-Shot. Dr. Tsay performs these injections at his clinic, and can perform the treatment after consultation. It’s time to feel comfortable in your own skin again, and get back to confidently enjoying the pleasures of life.

If you’re interested in learning more about P-Shot and to find out if this injectable treatment is for you, call Ageless MD at (888) 885-1901 and make an appointment.

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