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Dr.Tsay and one of our beautiful patients who just got her lips done. 💘💘💘 Patient was so obsessed with her results, and we couldn’t be happier. 💋💋💋💋 She was injected with 1ml of Juvederm Ultra Plus XC 💉💉💉 💦

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💥Now featuring AGNES. New Radio-frequency device that literally sizzles and destroys fat cells permanently from anywhere that you may have small pocket of fat. The downtime is a fraction compared to Kybella and possibly better results. Requires 2-3 sessions but these results were just after 1 session. 💥 –

– Will be slimming a lot of faces in the near future with this one. 💉😍💥


  1. AMAZING results! Jaw slimming is achievable with “BOTOX” 💉 A very convenient noninvasive procedure is to simply inject botox into the masseter muscles in order to cause the muscles to become smaller. Since botox paralyzes or weakens the muscle that it is injected into, the muscle will eventually become smaller over some time. Also, look at those beautiful lips! Talk about work in process ❤️ –

    – ⌛️️Results? It will take 3-4 weeks to see the effect, on the 6th week you will see the FULL effect 💉 –

    – -⌛️️ The “jaw slimming” effect lasts 4-5 months in which a repeat injection will be required at that time in order to maintain the visual effect 💉 –

    -⌛️ How many units will I need? It varies, it can be anywhere between 25-40units on each side 💉

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