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What is PRX-T33?

Our Flash Glow treatment is a combination of the Diamond Glow facial and PRX-T33 formula. PRX-T33 is a needle-free facial treatment that rejuvenates and revitalizes the skin using a patented formula made up of hydrogen peroxide and trichloroacetic acid (TCA). As a next-generation anti-aging treatment, PRX-T33 can be used safely year-round without causing any sensitivity to UV light. Unlike other treatments that can be painful and cause significant peeling, PRX-T33 is almost painless and causes little to minimal peeling, making it an attractive option for those looking to improve their skin without the need for downtime. The active ingredients work on a cellular level to promote cell renewal and stimulate the skin’s growth factors for an overall improvement in the skin’s quality and appearance. The treatment is applied in layers using a gentle massage technique to allow the active ingredients to penetrate deeply into the skin.

For even better results, it is recommended to use WiQo Moisturising Face Cream in combination with PRX-T33. These products work together to optimize the effects of the treatment, leaving your skin looking and feeling revitalized and refreshed.

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