RadioFrequency Microneedling: The Best Orange County Acne Scar Treatment

When it comes to Orange County acne scar treatment, we wanted to be sure to provide you with the very best. Here at Ageless MD, we are very careful to thoroughly research out and find the best possible solutions.

That’s why we suggest this latest technology. Radio frequency micro-needling does several things very well. It stimulates collagen production to treat hyperpigmentation as well as acne scarring. There are several big advantages to this including the fact that it is nonsurgical and provides clients with fresh rejuvenated skin.

How It Works

Best Orange County Acne Scar Treatment TustinHere’s how it works. This particular Orange County acne scar treatment is non-invasive. However, tiny needles are used to create microscopic pinpricks in the top layer of your skin. 

 This option sends signals to your body that it needs to be repaired. Afterwards, these microscopic small wounds heal and healthy new tissue is formed.

By itself, we have found over the years that this process is safe and effective. However, here at Ageless MD we want to provide our clients with all of the latest innovative techniques. That’s why we also have Bellafill in our toolkit.

Innovative Orange County Acne Scar Treatment That’s FDA Approved

We want you to be comfortable with any of the cosmetic treatments that you use through us. That’s why this particular filler is FDA approved. It works by stretching out the acne scars so they are much less noticeable. It also lasts five years which is a big advantage over some other products.

If you take a look at our website, you’ll see that we are willing to mix-and-match to get the results you want. That means our innovative Orange County acne scar treatment options include chemical peels as well as these Bellafill injections and radio frequency micro-needling.


Transparency is one of the cornerstones of everything we do. That’s why we like to remind our clients acne scarring is almost always permanent. The treatments that we provide make a huge difference, but they won’t get rid of the scars completely.

Still, these processes are designed to help you with your self-confidence. If you have what are called ice pick scars, we can use a crosshatch technique on them. Why not come in for a consultation at Ageless MD? We’ll be able to go over all of your options for Orange County acne scar treatment.