RadioFrequency Microneedling: The Latest in Orange County Acne Scar Treatment

Because the scarring is permanent, many patients come to us looking for the latest Orange County Acne Scar Treatment.

It’s important for them to understand that acne scarring falls under three different categories:

  • Rolling scars have the namesake edges and craters.
  • Flat depressed ones are called Boxcar scars.
  • Ice pick scars are deep and thin.

Luckily, each of these can be treated by the latest technology — RadioFrequency Microneedling. Here is everything that you need to know about it.

What It Is

Orange County Acne Scar TreatmentThis process uses tiny needles to create channels or micro wounds. This in turn triggers the production of collagen, elastin and capillaries. The treatment also uses radiofrequency waves that enhance the entire procedure. In the end the treated skin grows back smoother and thicker.

This process is used to target issues ranging from fine lines and wrinkles to stretch marks and acne scars. Radiofrequency microneedling also works with platelet rich plasma treatments. During this type of procedure, blood is drawn and a machine is used to separate the platelets.

The provider then applies them to a specific area.

Getting the best results from this kind of Orange County Acne Scar Treatment means understanding who the best candidates are.

People who get the best results are in good health and have signs of the aging process. Candidates also need to have realistic expectations.

There’s a category of people who should avoid this . They include:

  • People who have skin infections.
  • Patients who are receiving radiation or chemotherapy.
  • Pregnant women.
  • Patients with active cold sores.
  • Anyone who is taking anticoagulants.
  • People with histories of poor wound healing.

Before The Treatment

Ageless M.D. is always interested in doing the best job possible. After consultation, we will ask questions about your expectations and medical history. Determining the best technique for you means taking photographs of your face.

Preparation can mean taking oral antibiotics if you have acne breakouts. Patients might need to take oral antiviral medication if they have a history of suffering from cold sores.

Understanding what to do after this Orange County Acne Scar Treatment  procedure is important. Patients should use a gentle cleanser and apply ice packs to reduce any discomfort and swelling. Finally, keep in mind the two studies, one done in 2014 and one done in 2017, found that these treatments improved the scarring in almost 60% of the respondents.