Recovery Tips After Irvine Micro Needling

Irvine micro needling is an innovative procedure that doesn’t require a lot of downtime. The device used causes what’s called micro-injuries to produce collagen.

The result is softer, smoother more youthful looking skin after several treatment sessions. Here’s what you can expect in some recovery tips after Irvine Secret-Radio Frequency Micro Needling.

Irvine Micro Needling Tustin

  • Try not to take any kind of inflammatory medications for seven days after Irvine Secret Radio Frequency Micro Needling.
  • Avoid any kind of exposure to direct sunlight force 14 days after an appointment.
  • Painkillers like Tylenol are acceptable.
  • Is not a good idea to use an ice pack. These can interfere with the natural inflammatory procedure that’s important for rejuvenation.

Here’s a few other tips that can help your recovery go smoothly.


Watch The Makeup

 It’s best if you don’t use your usual makeup for several hours after you have a treatment. Even after eight hours, it’s a good idea to use a freshly washed brush when you do.

No Swimming

 Try to stay away from water for 24 hours after a session. The water in saunas and swimming pools as well as the salt water at the beach has salt and bacteria in it that can irritate your skin.


Your skin might feel dry after  an Irvine Secret Radio Frequency Micro Needling session.  It’s a good idea to try and keep your skin moisturized as it heals. Try something like a gentle vitamin C cream. Keep up with cleansing routine that includes hydrating and try to avoid anything that can clog your pores.

Sunburn Like Effect

After one of these sessions, you might feel a sunburn like effect. Your skin will be sensitive, dry or even feel tight. For the first several days after you’ve had a treatment you should wash it with the gentle cleanser. Only use your hands to pat it dry and only use cool water.

You might even notice some peeling several days after a treatment session. This is normal and you should not scrub, scratch or pick at any of the treated skin.

Regular Skincare Products

Generally, you can start using your regular skincare products after about seven days. It’s a good idea to consider follow-up treatments every 4 to 6 weeks. Ageless M.D. often recommends 3 to 5 different treatment sessions when you’re looking to get the best results from Irvine micro needling.