Do you have a small aesthetic imperfection, such as liposuction scarring, cellulite dimpling, or volume loss in your cheeks or hands? Renuva® Allograft Adipose Matrix was engineered to conveniently treat small-volume soft tissue irregularities through a quick, in-office procedure.

Renuva is an allograft adipose matrix. An allograft is a bone, ligament, cartilage, tendon, or section of skin or fat that is transplanted from one person to another. Adipose is loose connective tissue composed of fat cells whose main role is to store energy while cushioning and insulating the body. It is located primarily beneath the skin and around internal organs. Previously, liposuction had to be performed to collect the adipose tissue needed for fat grafting. Now, thanks to Renuva’s technology, patients can avoid postoperative pain and recovery time while improving the appearance of aesthetic imperfections.

Health centers use Renuva, which comes in a pre-filled syringe, to treat small-volume irregularities. The actual injecting process can take as little as 10 minutes, almost no downtime, and results as soon as 8 weeks following treatment.

Renuva Treatment Possibilities

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  • Butt augmentation
  • Hip augmentation
  • Liposuction correction
  • Contour deformity correction
  • Liquid facelift
  • Cheek enhancement
  • Volume replacement
  • Hand rejuvenation
  • Vaginal rejuvenation
  • Penile augmentation

Benefits of Renuva

Renuva injections offer the following benefits to patients:

Adds volume

Renuva injections can raise dimples and pockets in the skin to meet the smooth, healthy appearance of the surrounding tissue. It can also restore volume to skin that has lost its fullness due to aging. The targeted, added volume will fill in fine lines, achieving a more youthful appearance. Renuva can additionally be used for subtle body contouring by adding volume to patients’ hips or buttocks.

Skin Contouring

Renuva Treatment

Renuva injections can improve the texture of the dermis.

Targeted Improvement

If a dimple, divot, or wrinkle in a particular area is taking away from the appearance of your skin, Renuva enables your provider to focus on this particulular spot safely and effectively.

Natural-Looking Results

An injection can raise aged or dimpled skin to match the volume of the surrounding tissue.

A Comfortable Option

Patients do not require more than topical anesthesia to keep them comfortable during the injection process. Renuva injects donor fat that has been approved and purified for transfer, which means that patients do not need to undergo liposuction to provide the fat for use. No incisions need to be made.

A Quick Procedure

Most patients can complete their treatment of Renuva in under an hour.

A Quick Recovery

Patients can return to their daily activities immediately after their Renuva injection.

Good Candidates for Renuva:

  • You want to enhance your appearance.
  • You are in good physical and emotional health.
  • You have realistic expectations of the results possible with Renuva.
  • You want to restore volume to your face due to weight loss or aging.
  • You want to enhance your buttocks.
  • You want to augment your hips.

How Does Renuva Work?


Renuva is an injectable treatment performed by transferring small amounts of allograft fat tissue from donors and is tested and screened in accordance with the US Food and Drug Administration’s requirements for donor tissue. After harvesting, the tissue is sterilized to ensure a safe transfer to the recipient’s body.

Once transplanted into your body, Renuva forms an adipose matrix which acts as a scaffold system to build and regenerate the surrounding tissue. Your body uses the matrix to improve skin tone, texture, volume and appearance.

While using your own body’s fat is an option, it requires liposuction to harvest the necessary tissue. Since Renuva is comprised of donor tissue, it is a less invasive procedure than other fat transplant procedures.

What to Expect

During a Renuva® Adipose Matrix procedure, a small needle or cannula will be used to inject the fat matrix tissue into the treatment area. Your provider may use a topical anesthetic to improve comfort. The entire injection procedure takes under an hour and can be performed in your provider’s office. Your skin will immediately begin to look younger, fuller, and smoother. It will continue to improve over the next three weeks and you will see full results within three months. There are very few and rare side effects including redness, swelling, allergic reactions, and infection.

Recovery from Renuva

There is no downtime with Renuva; recipients are free to return to their daily activities immediately following their Renuva treatment. It is not uncommon to experience swelling and redness after receiving Renuva, but these symptoms will subside within the first two weeks of recovery. It is advisable to not touch the site which has received the fat for the first week following your treatment to guarantee that the injected fat remains in the desired position.


Since Renuva involves the transfer of allograft fat into the treatment areas, your skin will immediately look fuller and smoother. Your skin’s tone and texture will then continue to improve over the next three weeks. It will take three months for you to see the full results of the Renuva procedure.

The adipose fat tissue that is injected into your body will merge with your own fat tissue, so not allergy test is required. You will enjoy firmer, more youthful-looking skin, and a diminishing of skin defects. Just think: skin, body, and hand rejuvenation. That’s why you should try Renuva today.