Sculptra Aesthetic

What Is Sculptra®?

Sculptra® is a safe, FDA-approved non-surgical cosmetic treatment for reducing facial lines and wrinkles and creating a fuller, more youthful appearance for your face. Sculptra® works by stimulating your body to produce new collagen and underlying tissue. Your own collagen fills in the line and wrinkles and also elevates the sagging skin. Unlike other fillers, where your face is filled from whatever substance, the filler is made up of either hyaluronic acid or some other substance. After a series of Sculptra treatments your face is filled and “plumped up” by your own body’s’ collagen, which is very natural-looking and not “fake” looking.

An ideal client is someone who comes in and tells us: “I wish I could look like I gained 10 pounds from my neck up.” They have usually experienced some dramatic weight loss from either bariatric surgery, lost a significant amount of facial fat from long distance running or biking, or just lost a lot of weight from stress that life has to offer.

Dr. Tsay can achieve excellent results with Sculptra® in the treatment of many parts of the face including the areas that are sunken in such as the submalar or hollow cheek area, concave temples, or even the nasolabial folds. As a natural process of aging the bone density of the face—the foundation of your face— decreases, which causes the resultant sagging effect of the face. Sculptra® can be injected deep and on top of the bony structures to give extra support to the bony foundation and help reinforce the infrastructure of your face. This is often neglected when considering a filler for the face. Therefore, any other dermal filler will not hold up without this very important structural support.

How Sculptra® Works?

Dr. Tsay injects Sculptra® below the surface of the skin in the area of fat loss or sunken in areas. Sculptra® provides a gradual increase in skin thickness and fullness in that part of the face. Visible results appear within the first few treatment sessions. Sculptra® will not correct the underlying cause of the facial fat loss, but will help improve the appearance by increasing skin thickness in the treated area.

Although Sculptra is mainly used in the face for facial rejuvenation, it can be injected in other areas considered “off-label use” such as the upper arms and knees to smooth out the crepe skin, decollete area , and even the buttocks for a non-surgical butt contouring or butt augmentation.

How Soon Will You See Results With Sculptra?

Sculptra® provides a gradual and significant increase in skin thickness, improving the appearance of folds, indentations, and sunken areas in the face and neck. The results achieved by Sculptra® are natural looking and appear gradually over a few weeks time. Because Sculptra® stimulates the body to produce its own collagen, the results can last up to 2 years and longer in some cases. Touch-up treatments may be needed to maintain the desired effect. Results may vary.

What To Expect After Treatment?

Dr. Tsay will give you specific post-treatment care instructions. You should massage the treated area (a few times each day) for several days after the treatment session. Within the first 24 hours after treatment, an ice pack should be applied for a few minutes at a time to the treatment area to help reduce swelling. Wrap the ice in a cloth and avoid putting ice directly on your skin. Immediately following a treatment session with Sculptra®, redness, swelling, pain, bruising or all of these signs can happen in the treatment area. These signs usually go away in a few hours to a few days. Avoid excessive sun and UV lamp exposure until any initial swelling and redness has resolved.

How Quickly Can You Return To Daily Activities?

Most patients feel comfortable going back to their normal activities immediately following treatment.