Smart Tips for Choosing the Right Tustin Dermal Filler

Picking a Tustin dermal filler can be overwhelming if you are just discovering this concept. The first step is figuring out what you expect from any cosmetic fillers you have to choose from. Make sure the practice isn’t trying to sell you something more expensive than what you need.

One of the advantages to using Ageless MD is we have experience with various filler companies. In fact, we are proud of the top 250 accounts ranking for one type. Dr. TJ Tsay is the main reason we are different from the competition.

Different Fillers

Tustin Dermal Filler IrvineHe understands how important it is to use different fillers and combine the results together. The science of using the right Tustin dermal filler meets with his artistic vision. Dr. Tsay takes a look at the unique aspects of your features to decide which products suit your goals.

Choosing the Right Tustin Dermal Filler for the Upper Third of the Face

This is an important area that includes your temples and forehead. Many of our patients are concerned about a prominent brow too. Once you hit your 30s, the temples can be a major problem area. Illness, stress or weight loss can make these hollows appear even more obvious.

The Juvederm family of fillers is a good solution for several reasons. We can even use the natural fat from your body to achieve a natural looking result.

If you’re looking for more volume and three-dimensional type contouring, there are cosmetic fillers made specifically to achieve this end. We check a few boxes before selecting a product to meet these goals.

Keep the Original Shape

For example, the right filler should have little to no displacement. It also needs to be able to keep its original shape for long periods of time. These qualities make for a good product. 

We choose from a variety of treatments including Sculptra Aesthetics

Lower Face

Remember, there is a lot going on with your lower face. You laugh, smile, yawn, eat and talk with this part of your anatomy. It’s important to use a rigid filler here to maintain the proper shape.

Ageless MD is committed to offering the most advanced aesthetic processes. We pride ourselves on supplying the ones most people are looking for. The bulk of our experience involves noninvasive skin and face techniques. These include Tustin dermal filler injections.