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Irvine Bellafill
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December 26, 2018

Irvine Bellafill: To Help You Look Your Best

One of the things that our Irvine Bellafill clients rave about is the fact that they get results that last. We are always proud to associate ourselves with FDA approved products like this. Dr. TJ Tsay stands behind their claims they can provide smooth smile lines that last up to five years. Complete cosmetic services that will better your life. That’s what we provide here at Ageless M.D. Our founder and staff are all well versed in a variety of innovative solutions. The products that we champion are designed to make your life more full and your personality as rich…
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Irvine Bellafill
October 2, 2018

There’s Big Advantages to Irvine Bellafill

It’s important to pay attention to news especially when it concerns our Irvine Bellafill products. A recent report from the respectable news agency Reuters showed that this particular filler satisfied over 80% of the people who used it. The news report even says that people were happy with the results a full five years after they finished the treatment. It’s all part of our desire to help you look your best and that’s why we have a variety of different treatments including CO2RE INTIMA Vaginal Rejuvenation. As far as Irvine Bellafill goes, the report also says the research that was…
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