The basis for Vampire Facial-Microneedling

Originally microneedling was a solo treatment that used tiny needles to puncture the skin and get through to the dermal layer. The dermal layer is an additional layer of skin that’s deeper to the surface which produces everything you see. So a healthy dermis means young cells if nourished properly. At the surface, our skin can suffer from trauma such as what happens to the tissue when we touch our face or spend too much time in the sun. A damaged epidermis means anything we apply to our face can’t get through. Microneedling is the treatment that reduced the need for invasive, surgical treatments and it does work for our patients at Ageless MD.

Microneedling Evolved

While microneedling does create just enough damage to the dermis and surface of the skin, it is safe and produces changes that you may have thought were unattainable. Microneedling focuses on texture and the tone of your skin as well as enlarged pores and wrinkles. PRP was then introduced to this microneedling procedure because your platelets pack a punch, offering stem cells and other growth factors that assist skin recovery. The Vampire Facial was born from the marriage of microneedling and platelet-rich plasma. First, cause “injury” to the skin with microneedling, then deliver all the powerful growth factors from your body that will heal the injury and is responsible for making new skin and blood vessels. This is why after the Vampire facial procedure our patients have a glow to their skin from the increased blood flow to the skin.

A New Purpose for Microneedling

Instead of looking to surgery or chemical peels if you weren’t too sure about their effects on your skin, microneedling could solve many of your aging skin conditions. However, a new solution came about through the use of microneedling which was to reduce atrophic acne scars! Patients didn’t go in for acne treatments at first, but they saw a significant change in acne indentations in the skin. After a few microneedling treatments that were about a month or so apart, some scars softened in appearance.

How does microneedling reduce acne scarring?

The first thing is that these micro-needles break through dead or problem skin cells that block pores and cause sebum buildup in your pores, so once these cells peel away the healing process can start. Clogged pores find relief in microneedling. As needles puncture the deepest layer of the skin, newly synthesized proteins receive the signal to grow and old ones destroyed. Improved blood circulation further supports this step in protein synthesis over the next few weeks. As the proteins collagen and elastin are built, they raise these indentations caused by acne. Not only will you see these scars lift from their original depth, but all of the hyperpigmentation you found in these areas will begin to fade as your skin starts to brighten.

  • Reduced pigmentation
  • Smoother skin
  • Lighter indentations from acne
  • Brighter cells
  • Fresh collagen production
  • Healthier skin

Dr. Tsay understands that acne can be difficult to deal with when there’s no relief. For most patients, it’s not just painful, but the constant reminders of your flare ups directly on your face for the world to see are too much. The procedure is almost painless and should be very comfortable. Everyone will notice the positive change and boost in your confidence after a series of microneedling and PRP treatments at Ageless MD. Call to schedule your microneedling consultation for acne scarring today at (714) 760-9918.