The Beginner’s Guide to Newport Beach Thread Lift

Ageless MD is proud to offer cutting-edge treatments like Newport Beach thread lift. The procedures that we offer are carefully selected because they are the ones people are looking for.

Our staff is proud to provide simple solutions to complicated problems including nonsurgical eye lifts, facelifts and nose jobs.

Newport Beach Mint PDO Threadlift is one of the innovative tools we supply that combats sagging skin. Here’s a beginner’s guide to help you understand how this revolutionary technology works.

What is Newport Beach PDO Threadlift?

Aging makes it difficult to reverse the effects of droopy or sagging skin.  These lifts are effective for skin regeneration, promoting elasticity and improving wrinkles. These treatments are attractive because the injection sites are very small so there’s no need for general anesthesia. One of the other bonuses is the fact they result in a sharper face line.

How is This Newport Beach Non-Surgical Facelift Different From The Competition?

This type of treatment only requires two needles. Insertion of the threads doesn’t require any incisions or haircuts. Because this technique is minimally invasive, no scars are left and there’s a faster recovery time.

How Long Do The Results Last?

The results are instantaneous. The cogs have special threads enabling this result. The lifting effect is maintained because collagen forms as a result. The effect lasts somewhere between 10 to 12 months.

Who Are The Best Candidates for A Newport Beach Thread Lift?

Best candidates are people who don’t want to undergo invasive surgery. However, this same group is interested in having an improved appearance along their jawline as well as their face and neck.

The best candidates will have realistic expectations about what nonsurgical procedures like this can do.

Is The Procedure Safe?

These products contain biodegradable PDO. All the ingredients used have been verified as safe by the FDA. It’s important to remember your body gradually breaks down the thread over time.

Aftercare Suggestions

Warm massages three days after your treatment can help with any swelling. We also suggest that you apply an ice pack two days after the procedure. Keep in mind that patients can return to their normal daily activities right after a treatment session. Ageless MD has over two decades of experience with this Newport Beach Thread lift product. Dr. TJ Tsay is an expert in this field who also trains other providers and doctors on thread lift procedures.