The Beginner’s Guide to Tustin Lip Fillers

Tustin lip fillers are a very popular cosmetic treatment for good reason. Making the best decision means having good information on this type of  augmentation.

Here’s a Beginner’s Guide that can steer you in the right direction.

What Are Tustin Lip Fillers?

Tustin Lip Fillers Irvine

These products are made from a naturally occurring substance. Hyaluronic acid occurs in your body. These products take on a gel form that adds volume to your lips when it is injected.

What Do These Fillers Do?

This is an excellent treatment for people with naturally thin lips. It’s equally effective for older people whose lips have thinned as they age.

These fillers are also an effective way to plump up the body of that part of your face. They do a good job if you’re looking to define the vermilion border. Lip fillers are also excellent at smoothing over vertical lines.

How Do I Prepare?

Choosing the right injector is an essential part of getting good results. A registered nurse or board-certified plastic surgeon are both excellent choices. Someone who has experience in these types of injections can also provide excellent outcomes.

Before you come in for a treatment, you’ll need to avoid blood thinning medications and alcohol for a few days before the appointment.

You’ll Need To Remove Your Makeup

Makeup will need to be removed because your face will need to be sanitized at the injection sites. We also recommend that you can take Tylenol before your appointment in case there’s any minor soreness.

Make sure not to book any major appointments or events for a few weeks afterward.

What Are The Best Aftercare Practices?

There’s a few items that can help to speed your recovery along. Plus a few things you’ll need to stay away from.

For example, it’s a good idea to use an ice pack to minimize swelling. We also recommend that you elevate your head for the first night as you sleep.

Ageless M.D. is happy to help you with your Tustin lip fillers requirements. We always suggest that our clients don’t participate in strenuous activities for at least one day after treatment. Here’s another helpful tip. It’s a good idea to reschedule any dental appointments for at least two weeks. That way, you’ll be able to let any swelling go down.