The Benefits of Irvine Agnes

Irvine Agnes uses the latest innovations like radiofrequency technology to target specific issues with your skin. The needle has a depth that is designed to target precise areas. It also has an insulated coating designed for protecting other parts of your skin. The result is a recovery process that has little downtime.

As people age, their eyes are affected by several different factors like stress, allergies and even sleep deprivation. Of course, it’s possible to control your sleeping patterns to some extent. However, the aging process is out of our control.


Lax Skin

As we age, several things happen to change the shape of our eyes. First, the muscles around your eyes start to weaken and the skin becomes lax. Second, fat and cholesterol s starts to shift and becomes bags underneath. 

This is one of the latest innovations that can treat the issue without the patient having to undergo surgery. Agnes RF also works on the jaw and neck area. The results are well-documented in treating blackheads and acne as well.

Read on to find out more about this effective and safe treatment.


Irvine Agnes Features

The micro insulated needle is one of the safest parts of the entire process. It is equipped with special safety equipment. Microinsulation is also used so your epidermis is protected from any burns.

Years of clinical study have gone into the development of the needle.

This treatment works for a variety of different issues including double chin fat and sagging jowls. Another one of the indications is the flattening of the upper nasolabial fold. It’s also a useful treatment that looks after wrinkles in places that Botox cannot successfully treat.


How It Works 

Unwanted fatty tissue and skin contract through the energy emitted from this radiofrequency tool. The needle is specialized and it can pinpoint energy in an effective and safe manner.  It takes into account the anatomical structure of your skin and targets offending tissues.

Many of the treatments that we use here begin with an application of an anesthetic cream about an hour before we start the procedure. Irvine Agnes has a few minor side effects. Swelling can last up to seven days depending on the type of treatment used.

The needle is used to target specific problem areas like sebaceous glands for acne.  Other applications stimulate the production of collagen to tackle wrinkles around your eyes.