The Many Benefits of Orange County Lip Fillers

Ageless MD has many different cosmetic treatments including some of the best Orange County Lip Fillers to be found anywhere. We pride ourselves on offering our patients a wide range of cutting-edge procedures. Our inventory contains the products and services people look for when it comes to safe, innovative anesthetic treatments.

More and more patients are coming in to see us for lip augmentation. If you’re thinking about increasing the volume in your lips, there are many benefits to our Orange County lip fillers.

These Enhancements Look Natural

Orange County Lip Fillers TustinThis option is quite different from implants and permanent fillers. Lip injections are a cut above because they give you a more natural look. These products use what’s called hyaluronic acid. This is a naturally occurring substance that absorbs quickly and leaves very minimal bruising.

There’s another bonus to using these lip fillers. They only need to be touched up once every six months to maintain a natural plump appearance.

Minimal Side Effects

Hyaluronic acid is a substance produced naturally in your body. There are usually no side effects or allergic reactions when using lip fillers containing this ingredient. However, we still like to see our patients come in for an initial consultation. Better safe than sorry, we always say. That’s why we take the time at this meeting to learn about your medications and known allergies. We’ll also discuss your goals and expectations. With everyone on the same page, we’ll be sure to pick the right lip filler for you.

A fast recovery time is another huge advantage to these types of lip fillers. In fact, most of our patients report returning to their normal routines one day after the procedure.

Professional Injectors

When you read about the benefits of this technique, you’ll see why we put such an emphasis on lip fillers. The professional injectors at Ageless MD understand there’s an art to getting lip enhancement done right. Merely plumping up your lips isn’t good enough for us. We take the time to look after the proportions, shape and contours of this important facial feature.

Dr. TJ Tsay understands lips define the contours of your face. He is aware full lips can be both rejuvenating and desirable at the same time. There are a variety of different Orange County lip fillers waiting for you.