The Newport Beach Sculptra Butt Lift is Gaining in Popularity: Here’s Why

There are some great reasons why we recommend Newport Beach Sculptra butt lift technique to our clients.  First and foremost, this poly-L-lactic acid filler is safe and it provides quick almost immediate results. One of the reasons this injectable filler stands head and shoulders above the competition is the fact that it stimulates the production of collagen over a few months.

Over the last decade, this particular Newport Beach Sculptra butt lift process has become more and more popular. We like to tell our patients it’s all about modernizing beauty standards. Years ago, people were looking to be as skinny as possible and today they’re looking for a more filled out appearance.

Efficient and Affordable

Newport Beach Sculptra Butt Lift IrvineThis Newport Beach Sculptra butt lift process is efficient and affordable. It starts with a consultation so that we can get a clear understanding of exactly the change that the patient is looking for. Some of the people who come to our offices are looking for a more rounded buttocks while others are looking for another lateral shape.

One of the biggest advantages to this technique beyond the results is the fact there is little downtime. In fact, our patients tell us that although there is some minor soreness for a few days, having this procedure done is just like working out.

We Offer Newport Beach, PRP Hair Placental Injections for Hair Loss Too

At Ageless MD, we offer the most innovative cutting edge ascetic techniques available anywhere. Our goal is to make you feel better about yourself and to give you an outstanding aptitude that will carry you to new heights.

Most of our expertise lies in non-invasive skin and face rejuvenation that includes Newport Beach, PRP hair placental injections for hair loss. We understand that hair loss is a big issue for men and women both. That’s why this technique can help you even if you are suffering from hair loss do to genetics or medical conditions.

First Step

The first step in getting successful Newport Beach PRP hair placental injections for hair loss is making an appointment to come in and see our professional staff. We will be able to put together the information we need including family history, as well as your detailed medical history and any current medications you’re taking.

There are a variety of innovations in the Newport Beach PRP hair placental injections for hair loss arena we’d love to show you.