The Newport Beach Sculptra Butt Lift: It’s About Appreciating the Behind!

We get more calls everyday about our Newport Beach Sculptra Butt Lift. It’s no wonder when you really think about it. The rear end is gaining popularity and appreciation. That’s why we have a steady stream of patients hoping to change this popular body part. 

Most of them tell us they don’t want to have surgery. That’s where this innovative process comes in. It’s a one-of-a-kind product that’s used to increase collagen production. It’s a natural remedy that thickens the skin and lifts your butt.


Newport Beach Sculptra Butt LiftSome of the advantages include the fact there is very little downtime. Because there’s no surgery, you’ll only experience mild discomfort. That only lasts for a few days and goes away afterwards.

Patients usually need a few different treatments. For best results we space them a few weeks apart. The number of vials that will be needed varies from patient to patient. Choosing the right injector is a big part of getting good results. 

It’s important to make sure you find the injector who has the right experience. It’s equally important to remember that Ageless MD has a great rating among professionals for these fillers. We have a great reputation that rests on our dedication to patient satisfaction.

Newport Beach Sculptra Aesthetic Is Another FDA Approved Choice

Many of our patients come to us looking for a more youthful appearance. That’s just what this cosmetic treatment does. It is very good at reducing wrinkles and facial lines. Like a lot of the other top-notch products we use, it stimulates collagen growth.

Although a variety of patients are welcome, Newport Beach Sculptra Aesthetic is best suited to a particular candidate. The people best suited to this have lost weight. Some of them have gone through a surgery. Others have undergone dramatic weight loss from biking and long-distance running.

One of the other benefits is the natural results. Because this filler stimulates your body’s collagen, it looks very authentic and natural.

A series of injections is all that’s needed. It’s a gradual process that thickens up your skin and makes it look fuller. Our clients rave about the fact that the results last up to two full years. There are some simple and easy to understand after-treatment instructions.

Most of our patients go right back to their daily routines immediately after Newport Beach Sculptra Aesthetic treatments. We have a variety of other cosmetic procedures for you to look at too.