The Spiel on chemical peels

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Chemical peels are the leading facial care and beautification treatment that patients are most curious about. However, there is nothing to fear about chemical peels; these customizable treatments help patients resolve their worst skin issues, and we love them. At Ageless M.D., Dr. Tsay offers you the Hollywood skin care treatment from the moment you step into the clinic.

Offering customized chemical peels was the natural next step in his cosmetic and beauty practice as the single most effective nonsurgical treatment to resurface the skin comfortably for men and women. While laser and dermabrasion techniques can produce youthful results, your skin may not react as well to them, and we do not recommend over-treating the skin unless it is necessary. The spiel on chemical peels is not just about how amazing they are at taking hold of specific skin conditions you thought were permanent; the best part about chemical peels is that they are scalable in their depth of treatment.

  • Chemical peels can help you:
  • Reduce discoloration in the skin
  • Promote higher rates of cellular turnover
  • Calm acne flare-ups
  • Enhance luminescence
  • Improve rough skin texture
  • Soften premature signs of aging and wrinkles

How Healthy is Your Skin?

When you are thinking about the list of skin care treatments available, the first thing you should know is how healthy your skin is now and how you can stretch the results throughout your lifetime. The worst thing you can do is to go into any skin care treatment with someone that has not given your skin a proper assessment to understand what you need. Chemical peels can be damaging to the skin if a skin care specialist is not the one applying the peel. Even plastic surgeons focus on operating and invasive procedures so they may not be the best choice if you are looking for something non invasive such as a chemical peel or skin treatment. It is best to work with an aesthetics specialist when you are finally ready for your chemical peel and even better when they have confirmed this is the right treatment for you.

Getting Ready to Have a Chemical Peel?

After an in-depth skin care consultation, Dr. Tsay will tell you that the greatest concern for someone that has relatively healthy skin is cellular turnover. Your skin cells layer, and as you go about your day, these layers will slough away regularly but not as quickly as you need to see fresh and healthy skin continually. Chemical peels will help you increase that turnover in your skin cells so that you can get to the lowest degree of unhealthy skin cells blocking your most nutrient rich layers.

After a chemical peel, you’ll notice that your skin is slightly pink and appears brighter after the removal of excess inactive cells. At this point, you’ll know your skin is primed for those fancy skin care products you spend your Sunday dime on. Chemical peels are medically graded by their strength, which translates to how deep they’ll penetrate the skin and what issues they can reach. You will always want to start out with a lighter peel such as a glycolic or lactic acid peel if you have never had one before. If you’re used to them and want to continue on your treatment path, a medium to deep peel may be a better option.

Light to medium chemical peels cover light wrinkles, dull skin appearance, and some sun damage. These typically do not require recovery time at all, and you can return to work or school afterward. These peels are for men and women that want to refresh their look without going too deep if there are no issues with age spotting and deep wrinkles.

Deep chemical peels are best for you if you have had a series of acne scars develop, want to resurface your skin and start new or have severe wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. Pigmentation is best addressed with a deeper peel, but these take can take from a few days to a week or more to recover from and include a specialized healing treatment. Dr. Tsay will draw up a plan for your recovery.

The two types of peels we offer here at Ageless M.D. are the Perfect Derma™ Peel and the Jessner’s Peel that are great for any Fitzpatrick skin type. These peels will open your pores to remove clogged particles that often feed acne bacteria, create stubborn blackheads and the overproduction of natural oils. If you have delicate skin and simply want a light resurfacing to absorb mineral treatments better, then we can also accomplish that for you. Before you come in for your chemical peel, we recommend not using aspirin or any retinol creams since these may irritate your skin.

Get ready for the most amazing chemical peel experience that will last for years as your skin supports healthier, glowing skin by calling Ageless M.D. at (714) 760-9918.

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