This Irvine Nonsurgical Butt Lift with Sculptra is Safe and Effective

Bringing our patients the most innovative treatments like Irvine nonsurgical butt lift with Sculptra is what we are all about. Ageless MD offers the most advanced cosmetic treatments. It’s important they are safe for our clients. That’s why all of the procedures and items we use are FDA approved.

Irvine nonsurgical butt lift with Sculptra is one of the most popular treatments. Buttосk augmentation is becoming more and more in demand as the appreciation for your backside increases. Many people are looking to change and boost this part of their body. They wonder if anything can be done without having to undergo invasive surgery.

Modern Procedure

Irvine Nonsurgical Butt Lift with SculptraThis modern procedure is the answer. It’s a special product that stimulates the growth of collagen and thickens the skin to supply a new look. We use a series of injections to get the desired result.

Sculptra is the product that makes this procedure possible. A small blunt instrument is used to inject this substance into different areas of the buttocks. It’s a painless procedure and you’ll only feel a slight pinch.

Different Treatments 

Patients often ask how long it takes before Irvine nonsurgical butt lift with Sculptra takes effect. Most of our patients need about three different treatments and these should be spaced about 6 to 8 weeks apart from each other. Usually, you’ll see the difference at the six-week mark. However, we tell everyone that you get the best results after six months.

Irvine PRP Hair Placental Injections for Hair Loss: A Natural Solution 

Hair loss can happen for several reasons. Hormones, genetics and your age can all play a part. There is even evidence that some scalp conditions can be caused by styling products. People who suffer from hair loss often feel less confident.

If you’re one of those folks, you can take comfort in our Irvine PRP hair placental injections for hair loss option. This is the non-invasive procedure that’s effective and provides great results.


We inject placental membrane to foster hair growth. These membrane injections are an ever increasingly popular option to combine hair loss and thinning hair.

The placenta is usually donated. Mothers who are delivering their babies through Caesarean section are the source. Otherwise it would be discarded as waste. 

If you’re interested in these Irvine PRP hair placental injections for hair loss solutions, get in touch.