Trying to fight a spring cold? Tips to boost your immune system

Do you feel that no matter what time of year it is, you are always the goose in the “duck, duck, goose” game played by colds and the flu? No matter how many Vitamin C tablets you consume, or how regularly you take your multi-vitamin packs, you still manage to get sick during and outside of the designated cold and flu seasons. You wish these illnesses would kick the bucket, so you can enjoy all that spring has to offer without feeling congested, miserable and lethargic. Nevertheless, all attempts have proven unsuccessful.

You have heard about a cocktail that you can “drink” that supplies you with essential nutrients. While a cocktail sounds delicious to you right about now, this isn’t the traditional cocktail you occasionally enjoy. This “cocktail” is an amalgam of vitamins and minerals given intravenously to support your immune system while providing you with that much-needed jolt of energy when you are feeling rundown from being ill.

Slow Down There

Daily life can prove to be taxing and chaotic. Too often, you are running around, bouncing from appointment to appointment, and only being able to schedule a short window of “you” time for yourself. It is easy for your immune system to go into shock because of the inordinate amount of stress you are under and lack of nutrients you are feeding your body.

When you have too little time to cook, fast food becomes the quick solution: an occurrence that happens too frequently in your household. Your body needs a certain intake of vegetables, fruits, whole grains and other nourishing ingredients to keep it functioning, fueled, and protected from nasty germs just waiting to wreak havoc on your system.

Daily stressors and negligent care can weaken your immune system, allowing bacteria to penetrate through successfully, which results in a full-blown cold that has you laid up in bed for a week, impeding you from tending to your daily life activities. However, measures can be taken to prevent germs from setting up home. The solution? Flu and Immunity IV Cocktail.

Not Your Mother’s Concoction

This thirty-minute intravenous blend of essential vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients helps to boost your immune system and control allergies.
The cocktail of nutrients consists of the following (to name a few):

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Selenium
  • Zinc Chloride

All of the nutrients listed above address a cornucopia of issues such as inflammation, cancer, weak bones, memory loss, stress, migraines, high blood pressure, etc. These are all nutrients your body needs on a daily basis. Digestive interferences such as bloating and indigestion do not allow for proper absorption of the multi-vitamin supplements you take. Therefore, having your vitamin infusion administered directly into your bloodstream via an IV is the quickest way for your body to reap the benefits.

The Flu and Immunity IV Cocktail can be given almost daily depending on how bad the symptoms are. The frequency of each visit will depend on your doctor and your level of treatment.

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