Tustin Jaw Slimming for a New You

Ageless MD has the most innovative cosmetic treatments like Tustin jaw slimming. We offer a wide variety so one of our procedures will be right for you. Everything we offer is about boosting your self-confidence and image.

One of the common issues we treat is a wide jaw. This could be due to abnormally large bones or the masseter muscles. These muscles can cause fatty tissue to gather in your cheeks as you age. Your skin can start to sag and your lower face will become wider.

A Youthful Appearance

Tustin Jaw SlimmingTustin jaw slimming is designed to give you a more youthful appearance. The injections that we use narrow the lower face. One method is to inject Botox into the muscles so they become smaller. They start to shrink when they are not used.

We have some before and after pictures on our website. They show clearly how this process helps to give you a more youthful appearance. It’s a good idea to come in for a consultation first. That way we will be able to determine whether you are a good candidate for Tustin jaw slimming.

Lower Face 

Your lower face does a lot. The muscles there work when you laugh and talk and that takes its toll on your jaw. People look at your face and jaw when they meet you for the first time. Ageless MD offers innovation and cutting-edge techniques. These are the treatments that people are looking for to improve their lives.

Tustin Sculptra Aesthetic

Another one of these procedures is Tustin Sculptra Aesthetic. This is the procedure that we used to treat a variety of different issues. It works well with areas in the face that have sunken in or on the temples.

This filler can be injected deep into the skin or on top of any bony structures. It’s flexible and FDA approved. One of the biggest benefits is Tustin Sculptra Aesthetic reinforces the foundations of your face. When you look better, you feel better.

Concave Areas 

This product thickens the skin and fills out concave areas. Long story short is you’ll look better after just a few treatment sessions. It can be used in other areas like the upper arms and even the knees.

Our clients are always pleased with the results that can last up to two years. Tustin Sculptra Aesthetic stimulates your body so it produces collagen for a natural effect.