Tustin Skin Tightening: For a Youthful Appearance

The Tustin skin tightening techniques we use here at Ageless MD are designed to address the appearance of aging. These techniques are suitable for many different skin types. The best candidates are people who wish to refresh and revitalize their skin.

The treatments that we offer can look after your individual concerns including wrinkles and fine lines as well as stretch marks and acne scars. The best results occur after several months. Quite often it takes that long for your collagen to form properly. 

Please read on to find out more about the technologies available here at Ageless MD. Our choices are some of the most innovative you’ll find anywhere.  

  • Tustin Sylfirm X Radio Frequency Micro Needling. We are proud to offer this because it is one of the most innovative technologies available. It uses the latest micro needle fractional RF system. The difference here is radio frequency energy is added. This part of the process targets deeper layers of skin. 
  • Tustin Venus Freeze-Radio Frequency Skin Tightening. This is another technique that uses the latest most advanced innovations in radiofrequency technology. You’ll only need a few simple treatments to get long-lasting results.
  • Tustin Micro Needling. This is a new approach to helping you look more youthful. This option is an antiaging treatment that’s noninvasive and can help to firm up skin that sagging and diminish wrinkles.
  • Tustin Non-Surgical Facelift HIFUThese treatments have some excellent advantages including minimizing age spots and sun damage. As well, they can enhance your lips and cheeks and reduce expression lines.

All of these treatments are a good option under the following circumstances. 

  • You want a solution that can last for several years.
  • You want to get final results after only needing one procedure.
  • You’d like to reshape facial features like your jawline and nose.
  • You have sagging skin and significant jowl issues.

Finally, here are some tips to stay motivated after Tustin skin tightening. Some people have an emotional response after this type of surgery. However it only lasts for a short time.

Book or Movie

You can offset any blues that you feel by reading a book or seeing a movie. It’s also a good idea to focus on the future. It’s best to stay positive and keep in mind that any emotions you feel after one of these treatments are temporary. Very soon you’ll look in the mirror and see your new improved youthful appearance.