Tustin Thread Lift—Explained!

People come to us asking what Tustin Thread lift is all about. Some of our patients are concerned about getting older. We start by telling them it’s natural for the skin to sag a little as they age. Nothing they could have done differently would reverse this process.

We know they are concerned about their appearance. However, we are upfront here at Ageless MD. We tell them aging makes it very hard to reverse sagging skin.

New Innovations

Tustin Thread Lift IrvineThere are some helpful new innovations including Mint PDO Threadlift. This is a nonsurgical minimally invasive facelift performed on the lower face, neck, forehead, jawline and even mid face. It does wonders for sagging skin and restores a more defined jawline. Best of all, there is no scarring because no incisions are necessary.

FDA Approved

The material used in these Non-Surgical Facelift innovations is FDA approved. What makes this method safe and effective is it dissolves over time. This type of facelift lifts your jawline and cheeks in the direction you want. It also boosts collagen production so your face is more elastic with sharper contours.

Tustin Thread Lift: The Big Difference

This method supplies instant lifting results. The thread is infused with special cogs and that makes the big difference. The effect can last for up to one year. These features make it one of our more popular products with good reason.

Some people are better candidates than others for these Tustin Non-Surgical Facelift treatments. People looking to have improvements made in their jawline, neck and face without the need for surgery are usually the best candidates.


One of the reasons these products are safe is the fact they are biodegradable. There are just a few simple instructions we suggest you follow after the procedure.

Applying ice for several days afterward is a good practice. We recommend a massage three days following treatment to make sure the swelling stays down. It’s best to keep your head at a higher level than your heart to keep the swelling controlled. 

There are other advantages to consider. The incisions are tiny and the whole procedure can be done without sedation. Our patients return to their normal routines right after treatment. There is no need for surgery to remove any of the inserted threads either. 

Tustin Thread lift can make you look younger and feel great.