Tustin Thread Lift Treatment that’s Best in Class

We get a lot of patients interested in getting a Tustin Thread Lift treatment. These are often older people whose skin has begun to sag with age. They are delighted to find out that advancements in cosmetic surgery technology can help them to look young again.

One of the biggest problems these patients face is droopy and sagging skin. The aging process makes it hard to reverse these natural issues. However, these people quite often find relief in nonsurgical facelift in Tustin procedures like the ones we offer. Here’s what you need to know about these modern technologies and how they help.

Tustin Mint PDO Thread Lift is Safe and Effective

This is one of the more popular treatments we offer. There is good reason for that since it works very well as an antiwrinkle/skin regeneration process. This is a nonsurgical facelift procedure that’s used on the lower face, mid face, jawline, forehead or neck.

This Tustin PDO Thread Lift is simple. In fact there are only two different types of needles that are used. The process doesn’t require incisions or cutting any hair . Because it is minimally invasive and simple, there’s a faster recovery time. What’s more, there are no awkward looking scars left after the procedure.

Different Brands

Here at Ageless MD, we use several different brands of fillers. You’ll find all of the major brands here that are FDA approved. Each one of these has certain characteristics that make it perfect for specific applications. It’s all part of our commitment to bring you the very best in Tustin thread left and other nonsurgical facelift processes.

In fact, we attend meetings overseas so that we can get the very best in cutting edge information.

How Long Do These Tustin Treatments Last?

The thread that gets used here has specialized cogs that make the results instantaneous. Collagen is formed and that maintains the effect. That means the effects from this process usually last for 10 to 12 months. The best candidates are people who are looking for improvements in their jawline, neck and face but don’t want to undergo invasive surgery.

We also tell patients they should have expectations that are realistic. The techniques we favor use bio degradable ingredients. These have all been approved for use by the FDA which means they are both safe and effective.

The process is safe since the ingredients are all biodegradable.