What Irvine Kybella for Double Chin Reduction Is and How it Works for You

Irvine Kybella is a nonsurgical treatment that involves the synthetic form of deoxycholic acid . This substance gets injected into fat deposits under your chin. This is a version of bile acid which is found in your stomach and breaks down fat.

This substance is injected where there’s an excess of fat cells. The synthetic acid eats away at the offending cells and the size of your chin shrinks. When the cells die, they are naturally metabolized over several weeks.


Some people have inherited a double chin. Some step out of family pictures because they are embarrassed and others never take a selfie. The bottom line is if you’ve got one, it’s easy to feel self-conscious about it.

That’s why patients are choosing Irvine Kybella for double chin procedures. There are many   benefits including:    

  • An increased confidence that allows you to eat in public places without feeling self-conscious.
  • The freedom from trying crash diets that promise to hide and reduce a double chin.
  • The bonus of feeling more comfortable with your body because you perceive yourself as more slender.
  • Being more comfortable posing for photos with friends and family on social media.

Recovery: What To Expect  

Most of these procedures involve some kind of recovery. If you elect to have surgery to reduce a double chin, recovery could take months. On the other hand, KyBella is noninvasive. That means there’ll only be several weeks of downtime where you need to change your routine.

There will be some minor discomfort and soreness after your session. The swelling usually peaks 24 hours afterwards. There’s no need to panic. The inflammation means the product is working. It’s destroying the fat cells under your chin.

When that work is done, your body will increase the blood flow to wash away the debris. The swelling usually decreases over the next three weeks. Keep in mind that once that goes down, the fat cells aren’t coming back.

There are several ways to decrease his side effect. These include:

  • Using over-the-counter pain medications after your treatment and wearing a chinstrap.
  • Massaging your chin.
  • Using ice packs after your treatment is finished.

Every patient is different. Come in for a consultation so we can determine how many Irvine Kybella sessions you’ll need based on your goals and the amount of submental fat you have.