What Newport Beach Lip Fillers Can Do for You

Our patients want to look their best. That’s why they come in and ask us all about the different things Newport Beach Lip Fillers can do. Unfortunately, this type of aesthetic procedure has received a bad reputation over the years due to poor results. 

Patients come to us with notions these fillers will make their lips look puffy, exaggerated and unnatural. This misconception is because some patients aren’t informed about what to look for and what to expect from lip augmentation.

First off, everyone has to understand these treatments need to be carried out by a professional. At Ageless MD, we understand the lips are a dominant facial feature. Full, healthy lips are not only rejuvenating, but desirable at the same time.

Newport Beach Lip FillersLosing Volume as They Age

Some of our patients come in complaining about their lips losing volume as they age. The injections we use are effective and safe. Not only that, the Newport Beach Lip Fillers in our inventory are FDA approved. 

This means these products are effective at producing the kind of lip enhancements our patients are looking for. As trained injectors, the experts at Ageless MD know the anatomy of the lips and surrounding area. They also understand the art of lip enhancement and the importance of lip shape and proportion. 

Lip Enhancements

Sometimes enlarged lips can overwhelm the face rather than produce the desired effect of enhancing your appearance. Natural looking lip enhancements can be achieved with the expertise of one of our professional injectors.

That’s why we suggest you come in for a consultation. We encourage you to do some research and ask questions about the procedure. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are always happy to answer them for you.

Which Filler Is Right?

One of the most common concerns we hear from patients has to do with selecting the right filler. Granted, there are quite a number of different options to choose from. We can help you decide on the product and treatment plan to suit your individual needs.

Juvederm Volbella is one of the lip filler products we recommend. It does an excellent job for people looking for a subtle enhancement. This product smooths fine lines and boosts lips without making them appear too plump or overdone. For many patients, another advantage to this filler is its ability to last up to twelve months.

Ageless MD offers a variety of Newport Beach Lip Fillers for you to choose from here. You can phone us or email to get started. We look forward to helping you look your best.