What You Need to Know About Tustin Acne Scar Treatment

Tustin Acne Scar Treatment is the option for people who have suffered through acne scarring. Many Ageless MD patients have been left with craters and pits reminding them of the battles they fought with acne.

We provide innovative modern treatments to deal with this type of skin condition. Part of what we do at Ageless MD is supply all of our patients with good information. First off, we tell people that not all acne scars are identical.

Tustin Acne Scar TreatmentIn fact, there are usually three different varieties.

  • Craters on the skin with deep edges create a wavy texture and are called rolling scars. Unfortunately, these scars are usually permanent and no particular treatment can get rid of them completely. However, newer technology like Radio Frequency Micro-Needling can make a difference. This modern innovation targets deep layers of the skin while leaving outer layers intact. One of the big advantages here is this method treats both active acne and acne scarring.
  • Scars that are deep and very thin are known as icepick scars. An efficient Tustin Acne Scar Treatment we recommend is called the TCA crosshatch. This involves dipping a thin needle into a strong acid solution and inserting it into the icepick scar. This method burns off the inside core of the scar allowing a place for new skin to form. 
  • Depressed scars that appear flat and crater-like are referred to as boxcar acne scars. These respond well to multiple kinds of treatments and we have a variety of different options in our toolkit. One such method we use to treat boxcar type scars is Bellafill, the long-lasting, FDA approved injectable filler.

Dr. Tsay and the trained staff at Ageless MD are excited to offer the most innovative and cutting-edge cosmetic treatments. 

A large part of our expertise lies in a variety of noninvasive skin and face rejuvenation procedures. We use modern laser technology to effectively remove hair or tighten skin that’s become loose with age. We offer a variety of treatment options including ways to smooth over wrinkles in your skin and lighten pigmentation.

Our professional staff members don’t just use one type of filler. We carry all of the major brands including the range of Restylane fillers and Sculptra Aesthetics.

Please take a few minutes to look through all the services listed on our website including the Tustin Acne Scar Treatment.