Who Can Perform Thread Lifts?

Thread lift procedures offer a non-invasive alternative to traditional facelifts, providing a youthful appearance without the need for extensive surgery. 

Now, let’s explore who can perform these innovative procedures and how to choose the right professional for your thread lift.

Medical Professionals

Medical professionals perform thread lifts by placing temporary threads beneath the skin to pull it back or up. These medical specialists have a deep understanding of facial anatomy, making them the best people to safely provide thread lifts.

Medical professionals have the knowledge and skills to assess your issues and advise you on the best technique. They put a lot of effort into getting the desired lifting effect while preserving results that look natural.

Meet the Ageless MD Team

You must find the correct experts to get the best results from a thread lift. Our team of skilled medical professionals at Ageless MD takes great satisfaction in providing top-notch aesthetic treatments. Our team consists of:

  • Mika – Licensed registered nurse personally trained by Dr. Tsay to perform threadlifts..

Tips to Choose a Medical Professional For a Thread Lift

Choosing the best medical specialist is essential for attaining the best results and guaranteeing your safety during any cosmetic operation. The cost of the procedure is about $450 to $3,400, so you would want the best results. Here are some crucial pointers to help you select the best expert for your thread lift:

Investigate Credentials

Make sure the specialist you choose a licensed medical professional that has specialized training in thread lift techniques, and has relevant experience.

Look for Customer Reviews

Read reviews and testimonies to better understand the professional’s abilities, professionalism, and level of patient satisfaction.


View Before and After Pictures

In order to evaluate the outcomes of the practitioner, request to see before and after pictures of prior thread lift patients.

Comfort and Communication

Assess the medical professional’s communication style and your level of comfort while sharing your thoughts during your initial session. Make sure you clarify what to expect during and after your threadlift prior to your procedure. Having a thorough understanding of what to expect will help ease any anxiety you may have about the procedure.

Cost Factors

Although thread lifts are less expensive than traditional facelifts, it’s still important to consider the cost.

For a successful thread lift, remember the dos and don’ts after the procedure to ensure a smooth recovery. For example:


  • Keep the head elevated to reduce swelling.
  • Use cold compresses to alleviate bruising or swelling.


  • Avoid excessive facial movement or expressions after the procedure to make the most out of your recovery time.
  • Do not use skincare products or makeup near or on the treated areas until your specialist tells you to do so. 

Trust Ageless MD with Your Cosmetic Desires

Thread lifts are worth going through, thanks to how much it lasts and it being a non-invasive procedure. It is a procedure that you should look into, and choose a skilled specialist to help you throughout the process. 

At Ageless MD, we are committed to providing the best technology and service. Count on us to deliver the best results for your looks and trust us during this procedure. Contact us now to start your rejuvenation journey!